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Physiotherapy is not only massage and exercise, but an important part of our work is also about restoring fitness by focusing on disarmament and problem-solving. It is often the case that pain will arise through nervous pressure through a tense muscle and knowing what to do to get back to fitness is an important part of our approach. 

As a "fizjoterapeuta" I concentrate my work on the patient's physical fitness, i.e. I use my knowledge of anatomy and manual skills to help the patient return to physical fitness as soon as possible. 

I also highly recommend all kinds of relaxation massages, both in the spa or other places, from massage with bubbles, chocolate, to stone massage, etc., Why?! because such massages deeply affect the senses, and hence, the relaxation of muscle tension, which prevents the emergence of inflammation, and pain.

Typically, the sedentary mode, whether you are behind the desk for 8-10h, or sitting all long day as a driver, those are the causes of tension, and lack of movement only supports inflammation. So if you feel that something is wrong, don't wait until it develops into a more serious condition like sciatica or worse, a spinal hernia, but rather come for an assessment to help early intervention, preventing this from occurring. 

With my many years of experience, I can help you get back to full fitness. 

Are you wondering if I can help you? You can read about my experience in the "about me" tab and now let's focus on you.

It is worth knowing that you can avoid many problems while maintaining a high level of physical health.

If you have pain in the spine, or even your head hurts often and you have painkillers that stop working, contact me and we will help to eliminate the cause and not just treat the condition.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


About me:

My adventure with physiotherapy began with a two-and-a-half-year post-secondary school qualification, and only then did I learn what the physiotherapist's job was about.
Immediately after graduating from school, I started working in a local hospital where I had the opportunity to practice in many hospital wards as well as in the rehabilitation and physiotherapy department. I also trained in understanding massage.
In the meantime, I graduated from the University of Medical Sciences in Poznan. I continue to broaden my knowledge at various courses so that I can best serve others.
I help not only with injuries and pains but also deal with comprehensive lymphatic drainage.
Below you will find photos of diplomas and completed courses, for details please visit my fan page facebook.

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I often do promotions for treatments on various occasions or give a massage for free. About this action, you can find out from my profile on FB or fan page. If you are already my client and you give me your email you will get information about the latest promotions. 

Loyalty card

For people who regularly attend treatments, Get Body Back prepared Loyalty Card. Every time when you come and pay the full price for any service, you get a stamp. After 10 stamps you will receive a 30 min massage for free or a £20 discount for other treatments.

Remember that promotions & discounts can not be used together.

A series of treatments 

If you are satisfied after a massage treatment and you recommend me to your friend then will reward you in the following way. Every time you recommend a friend or family member I will give you £10 off discount for the next massage.

Remember that promotions & discounts must not be used together.

With a minimum of 5 massages, Get Body Back offers a 10% discount on the total price.
With a series of 3 ear candling treatments, the price is reduced to £25 for treatment, if you receive 3 treatments the price will drop to £20

Please remember that promotions & discounts must not be used together.




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